De werkgroep internationalisering koos ervoor om via Erasmus+ een aantal projecten in te dienen bij de Europese overheid.  Projecten zowel voor leerlingen als leerkrachten. 

Het eerste goedgekeurde project dat van start ging in schooljaar 2017-2018, met de kick-off in Boedapest de laatste week van november is getiteld: “From Community Service to European Volunteer Service (EVS) and European Volunteer Corps (EVC)”. Dit project loop over twee schooljaren: 2017-2018 en 2018-2019 en behandelt het thema vrijwilligerswerk, zoals uit de titel duidelijk blijkt. 

Het is een samenwerking tussen 5 scholen:  

Közgazdasági Politechnikum – Boedapest, Hongarije (projectverantwoordelijken)
Agrupamento de Escolas Henrique Sommer – Leiria, Portugal
Gerze Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu – Gerze, Turkije
– Fundació Escoles Garbi  Peres Vergés – Barcelona, Spanje
– Sint-Janscollege –  Gent, België 

 Kick-off: From community service to EVS and EVC: Boedapest  

Tijdens de week van 27 november en 1 december ging een delegatie van 5 leerlingen en 2 leerkrachten naar de kick-off in Boedapest. De leerlingen werden er ontvangen in gastgezinnen bij de Hongaarse leerlingen, terwijl de leerkrachten er in een hotel vlakbij de school verbleven. 

Naast de verplichte vergaderingen voor de leerkrachten werden de leerlingen ondergedompeld in tal van vrijwilligersprojecten die daarnaast ook nog een ecologisch tintje hadden. 

 2de projectmeeting: Gent 

In de week van 23-27 april 2018 kwam van elke partnerschool een delegatie op bezoek bij ons.  23 leerlingen en 8 leerkrachten.  De leerlingen werden opnieuw ontvangen bij gastgezinnen. Ditmaal 23 leerlingen van onze school die hun huis openstelden om een Hongaarse, Spaanse, Portugese of Turkse leerling te verwelkomen.  

De week die volgde was een rollercoaster van sociaal engagement en vrijwilligerswerk. 

Enkele getuigenissen:

When I saw the Chiro, my first expression was that everybody here is so friendly and more open than in my city. I want to stay here and maybe live here for a while, because the living circumstances are so much better than in Hungary. I was amazed every time, because of the food (all the food was delicious) and the differences because everything is different here. 

We had a good sightseeing tour on the first day, and I could make a graffiti. I had a chance to meet two people from Syria and they had horrible experiences so it was half interesting half sad. After that we did a bit of work, we reconditioned a road in a kind of ,,hospital” full of kids with different problems. Than I tried to walk with a dog: that one was so cool and I had interesting talk with some Belgian. Yesterday I looked after an elder person who was in a wheelchair and yes that was hard but I enjoyed it a lot. 

 We went to a thrift shop once either and I went to a second hand shop with my host. We also celebrated my classmate’s birthday. 

I had awesome time here and I’m really thankful to come here. My host did everything for me and she was so kind to me. 

Doma Lilla – Friday/27/04/2018 

To be honest at the beginning of the week my expectations were low. I think it’s because of my pessimistic teenage attitude to everything, but I quickly changed my mind. I’ve have had so much fun doing everything with everyone in the project. I had an equal amount of fun during the activities and during the time in between the activities. 

 The first day during the city quest I felt like the only thing i could do was follow the Belgian students around since all the tasks were in Dutch. I feel like the groups could have worked together better if they were in English and it also would have been more interesting.  

On Tuesday I found the hole day very interesting. 

Wednesday was one of my favorite days. I not only because we had the day off, but I really enjoyed my time in the Museum. 

I really enjoyed my time pushing one of the elderly ladies yesterday. She was so sweet and wise, we talked the whole time in the park. She told me that she had a little girl from Romania visit her every year, for 14 years. She said the little girls last name was Lakatos, which is a Hungarian last name. I find it so interesting that I of all people got to push (in  a wheelchair) a woman who actually knew someone who has some kind of link to hungary. 

This week went by too fast. I will miss all my friends from this project. 


I was very nervous when this project started but after one week with all this people together, I’m sad that we are already at the end of the week. This project started well with a wonderful city game and  I became friends with the Hungarians. We were able to spray graffiti in a famous street in Ghent. My guest enjoyed the week and I went to friends with him. We went to Flanders Fields with elder people from a retirement home. We went to an orphanage for dogs, we walked in a park with the dogs. I’ve learned a lot this week and it was a once in a lifetime experience. Today is the last day and I really going to miss my guest.  

Kobe Goderis 

The travel to Belgium was very long. I get out of my house at 6:45 and I just arrived Belgium about 18:00. I didn’t know what to expect from Gent, I had never heard anything about it. When I arrived here, I thought that I was on Amsterdam because I just saw bikes everywhere, but that was not something bad but something amazing! 

My host is called Jorit. After we met, he and some friends took me to eat some typical food. We sat in a park and ate while we got to know each other better. The view of the city each time was astonishing me more; and so ended my first day in Gent. 

On the second day we started with the director’s presentation speech. After that I went to Dutch class with Jorit. We visited the whole school and after that we had lunch. The best part of the day was the afternoon where we played a game that made us know a great part of the city, and what a beautiful city! 

On the third day we visited several shops that make charity with the most disadvantaged, in the city of Deinze. The lunch hour was super fun, we did a kind of picnic where every country brought typical products of their country. We Portuguese brought enough sausages, and everyone who tasted loved. I was quite proud to be Portuguese at that time. 

  After lunch we all volunteered at the stores we visited in the morning. Me and my group stayed in the second-hand items store, and my job was to break up several old furniture. It was quite hard but I spent a good and fun time there. 

 On the fourth day we had the free morning so I stayed to sleep some more. After lunch several groups did various things, but my group went to a kind of philosophy class. Thankfully, that was cool, the teacher was super nice and fun and we spent a lot of fun there talking about everything and using our mind. In the late afternoon we were all bowling and it was quite fun.
On the fifth day we went to Bruges to get some old people and we walked with them for sites of the second world war. Not everyone knew how to speak English; but it was a really good time spent with them. After we left the elderly, we visited a bit of Bruges. All those mediaeval buildings marveled my eyes. 

And now I’m on the sixth day and one of the last ones unfortunately. This trip was really good for me, I met new realities, I made new friends and everything anyone could ask for on a trip of this kind. I did not write my whole day here, because every day after the activities I always leave it with Jorit and with friends. I have a lot to thank Jorit for being so nice and for having received me so well! All this is not over yet but I’m going to miss it all! 

Ruben Regadas

The Erasmus-week started Sunday in the afternoon, when Berkay (my guest) arrived with his luggage. I was greeted enthusiastically by him, since we already talked on facebook before he arrived. First communication was kind of difficult because his English wasn’t that great. 

When we arrived home he immediately greeted my mother and father as well, and complimented us with the ‘very nice home’.  

It was clear to me at that point that Berkay was a very kind guy, and that even with some miscommunication it would be a nice week. 

During the activities I made friends with a lot of people, mostly the Hungarian students, we talked about our countries, and how life was very different in say Catalonia or Hungary. 

That was probably the most interesting part of this project, meeting people with a completely different background. The activities were nice as well, and I certainly had a lot of fun walking with old people, 

bowling or cooking. 

Now that the end of the week is getting near, I feel sad that the week has already passed. I will most certainly remember this experience as something great and very interesting. 

I hope I will keep contact with the friends I made and would really love to participate in the other parts of this project, like going to Catalonia or Portugal. 


Luca Chiriví (Belgium)

3de projecmeeting: Gerze 

 De laatste week van september 2018 trokken twee leerkrachten naar Gerze. Daar werd ondermeer een uiteenzetting gegeven door een lokale NGO die vrijwilligers uit verschillende landen de kans geeft om via hen ook hun eigen project te realiseren. 

Daarnaast werd ook nog aan het e-twinning platform gewerkt en gewerkt rond de aanvraag die wordt ingediend om als EVC vrijwilligers te begeleiden in projecten binnen Europa. 

 4de projecmeeting: Barcelona 

 Deze meeting is gepland in de week van 14-18 januari 2019

 5de projectmeeting: Leiria 

 Deze meeting is gepland in de week van 29 april – 3 mei 2019