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An odd Odyssey vrijdag 25 oktober 2019

The Sleeping Trees woke up the 5th formers with their hilarious version of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’

Another sunny Friday afternoon at SJC turned out to be not quite as usual for some of our fifth formers, their teachers and even their headmaster. At a very last notice the British comedy trio The Sleeping Trees were our special guests with their version of the Odyssey and a wonderful workshop. In between touring Australia and Britain we were lucky that they had some time left to play at our school. What already sounded promising proved to be beyond expectation. These are a few comments of our students.

“This was the best performance we have ever seen during school hours. So funny! The play was really well chosen for our age group and the English was not too difficult, we could easily understand it.”

“The actors showed an incredible amount of energy and were very inspiring to watch. I really liked their adaptations to the play to make it more modern. It was amazing what they could do with their bodies and voices.”

“It was pretty epic, original and definitely my cup of tea.”

“I didn’t expect this workshop to be so much fun! I feared it would be embarrassing and uncomfortable but the actors made us feel at ease right away. It was a unique opportunity and an honour to work with them. They were super friendly.”

“The workshop was very interactive and it was excellent to practice our English!

“I would like to do it again at any time. It was the perfect way to end the week and start the holiday. Thank you SJC for this opportunity!”

A reaction from our actors:

“Of all the Belgian schools we have played in, this was the best setting. We were very close and cosy to our audience and the students genuinely seemed to enjoy the show. The light was very professional and the added carpet made the acoustics so much better. The students were very enthousiastic and outgoing during workshop. And it is official: two students of SJC broke the world record with our concentration exercise. We would love to be back next year with one of our other shows. Thank you for the last minute sandwiches, carrot and rice cakes.”


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